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How to create your own beautiful Princess Theme Centerpiece
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We create highly themed Princess Theme Centerpieces and also have a book you can buy  to learn how to make your own Princess Theme Centerpieces
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Decorate Your Events with a Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland Village Tree
Welcome to Winter Wonderland
Population -2022. Most of the residents here are friendly and only require the same courteous behavior. In fact if you love this sleepy little mountainside town, the town folk will get their town planner to design you an exact replica, or variation to your taste , on your own mountainside tree. You see the tiny people that live here have all the inside information on what it took to build this marvelous snow covered village that looks so much like a Christmas Tree. So don't just sit there looking at it. Email the Mayor at City Hall. 

Winter Wonderland Little Folk love you too! 

Actually all fantasy aside, the Decorated Christmas Village Tree pictured here was actually part of a spectacular display that we were commissioned to create throughout the Our Lucaya Resort and Casino (then known as Lucayan Beach Resort and Casino) in Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. The theme was Winter Wonderland that holiday season and the Hotel/Resort was chosen as First Place Trophy Winner by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce in  their annual Holiday Display Competition.

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