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4Ft. Victorian Christmas Tree

Shown above: Linda's C. of Fresno, California now owns this custom designed Royal Traditional 6ft Slim Christmas Tree, specially designed for her.
Christmas  2006 is the Year we started this client page that shows off some of our favorite client's decorated Christmas trees and wreaths.
The above is a custom designed 4ft. Royal Victorian made for
D. Kruchten from Greenwich, Connecticut. 

He wrote: 
"It is perfect with the Nutcracker Suite nutcrackers we have. Thank you for all your work."  
From Us: Thank you for having us create this beautiful tree for you. It was a pleasure designing it as well as communicating with you. You will remain one of our favorite clients. 
The above is a custom designed 3ft. Royal Traditional Christmas Tree and a Caroler's Wreath custom designed for Dr. and Mrs. Loveland of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. 
She Wrote
"The tree is perfectly lovely and will stay through New Years so our weekend guests can enjoy." 
From Us: Thank you so much for your patronage over the years. We also appreciate your dedication of the tree to your beloved cat Mr. Gus. We hope it brings many years of warmth and gladness to your hearts as he did. 

This above 6ft Royal Victorian Christmas tree was custom made for D. Sperow of San Francisco, California. 
 She Wrote: 
"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! It is just beautiful. My neighbor across the street thanks you, too. She says she will have something so beautiful to look at each evening. I puffed out all the bows just like you told me to. Arranged and opened up the top and the gold netting. It is sooooo pretty." 
From us: "Thank you Mrs. Sperow. Yours is the first tree on our new page of clients' comments for Decorate Your Events. Thanks for the pictures. It absolutely graces the interior design of your home, as you described. Thanks for the opportunity to do that for you. Enjoy!" 
Now Diane has a brand new tree in 2014 Click here to see it.
Shown above:
One of our very newest clients Claire of Winchester, California  ordered our Victorian Theme ornaments only and decorated her own tree. She also purchased a decorated Victorian Theme Wreath. She did a spectacular job on her tree. It is just scrumptious. 
She wrote
I already set up my Christmas tree and it's really gorgeous! I'm very excited to add the peacocks to my tree! I got the Christmas wreath and It looks gorgeous! 
From Us: Dear Claire, We strive to serve people like you and your husband, especially being as creative as you are, you can truly appreciate our efforts. 


Theresa of  Tulare California is a busy professional with the unexpected job of decorating the company tree this year, plus decorating her own home. Sounds like a lot of work for the holidays. We helped her out this year. 
She wrote:
I just received the fabric and the gorgeous wreath, oh how beautiful it is.  I have one more favor to ask of you.  My mother just fell in love with your bows you made me.  Can you please make me 12 bows just like mine.  Her tree is traditional.  I would like 12 bows plus 4 with the small red balls in the center like the ones I am going to put at the top of mine.  Please let me know if you can fill this request.  Again thank you so much for everything.

From us: That is what we do. Fill requests! It was a pleasure meeting Theresa.

Shown below:
Pamela of Colorado ordered a tree for a Symphony Orchestra auction event. The tree was a contemporary modern 6ft Nutcracker Musical theme design, with an emphasis on the "contemporary" (modern, sparce). We considered it a pleasure and an honor to design a tree for a team of architects and designers. We look forward to serving them again.
She Wrote:
The assembly was easy and everything arrived in good condition. I’m very pleased overall with the experience with Decorate Your Events! The following is the description that went into the Auction event program: 
The Royal Nutcracker Symphony Tree
"Like mice, soldiers, snowflakes, and bonbons at a party, the iridescent awe factor of this noble symphony tree brings the Nutcracker ballet fairy tale to life!     As unpredictable as wunderkinder, this dazzling tree is almost as seductive as the ballet itself.  After all, it’s all about dreams coming true".

Here are some of our clients' comments.  View pictures of their decorated Christmas Trees after they have placed them in their homes and sent us their photos. Pleased as Christmas punch they are with their Royal Christmas Tree. We wish them many years of admiration and love. We decided to start this page in 2006. Scroll down to see this years' additions to the Royal Christmas Tree Hall of Fame.
Pictured above: Just look at what Diane has done with the tree this year that she bought in 2006. Perfect placement. Thanks for the pix  Diane.
Diane Sperow of San Francisco, CA., is a loyal client who has become a friend. 

She wrote:
The most beautifully spectacular Victorian Christmas Wreath just showed up at my door. I can't wait to put it up. It matches the Victorian Christmas Tree you made for me last year perfectly.  The children are just going to LOVE it. !!!!
My husband keeps saying ,"I really like it, I really like it. You could never find anything like it out here." To which I reply' " Of course not the most creative decorator lives on the east coast !! Her name is Suzanne and she is the Coco Chanel of decorators. SO THERE  !!
We both thank you so very much for the shining light of love that your creations bring to our home. 
Love , Diane and LLoyd 
From Us: I'm overwhelmed Diane. 
A Note From the Designer:
Clients such as Diane motivate me to keep this business open, especially during stressful economic times. I can only strive to bring light and smiles into other people's lives for many years to come, and hope that my work can be as well received and appreciated, as with Ms. Diane and her family.

This is only the top portion of a custom ordered 6 foot tall Victorian Theme. This customer in Virginia received a very unique design. Even the bows are custom handcrafted designs. Simply irresistible!.
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Diane's Royal Victorian Tree Topper
Diane's Royal Victorian Wreath
2010 Royal Victorian 6ft Tree
Lady Victoria and the Eiffel Tower
Every year we look forward to hearing from Diane and Lloyd from California. Two of our favorite people who have kept the dream alive. They prove that people really do love our Royal Christmas Trees and keep using them year,  after, year, after year. That is the whole idea of investing in such a tree. A heritage to the next generation if possible.

This year Diane has refreshed her Royal Victorian 6ft tree and added some bright fuschia pink poinsettia. She sent Lady Victoria, the dolly, on vacation to the Eiffel tower, it looks like. Maybe next year Victoria will come back with a friend! Just a thought. Anyway, the wreath still looks great Diane.

Merry Christmas and may you both have a happy and prosperous and healthy New Year.

Lots of love,
Your favorite designer,

Click on the picture to get a good view.
This version of our Royal Fruit and Plenty Christmas Tree was custom made to suit the specific taste of  a very special client. This tree now lives in Beverly Hills, California, along with the stars!
This year the Royal Holiday Character Mickey and Minnie and friends was cute as a button. At least, the client thought so. She said it was wonderful. It now resides in Highland Park, Illinois. Thanks, Wendy.
The Royal Traditional Christmas Tree was more luxurious this year. It now resides in a town near Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks Mr. M.
Copper and Aqua Marine 2010 Christmas Ttree
Liz from Palm Coast ordered a 6 foot tree to match her home and lifestyle in Palm Coast, Florida, a rural  yet gorgeous area near Daytona Beach, Florida where the retirement is good, but the younger folks can be happy, and comfortable and active. The houses range from moderate to lavish, so the tree had to fit in. It got many rave reviews, we are told.
Thanks for your business Liz. We look forward to adding those peacocks to the tree in 2011 to go with your collection of peacock feathers which we used to decorate the tree. Since we decorated the tree on site, we also used the copper and aqua marine decor for the fireplace mantle.
Dear Suzanne,
Thank you so much for this absolutely stunning Christmas tree. It'll be hard to put it away as it brings so much ilfe to our Family room. Makes my home feel like a castle. Your gift is truly amazing and everyone that has seen my tree have made only great comments. I've been instructed not to take it down until my friends bring their friends to see it. The good thing about this tree is that it'll last  a long time and we're sure to be calling on you for additions to it - more peacock feathers. :) And also for instructions in the fluffing and placement when we put it up again next year. I agree you are the Coco Chanel of Christmas decorating.
Love, xoxo 
Liz Ferguson
Travel Consultant
Protravel International
Email:[email protected]
"A Virtuoso Member Agency"

Liz wrote:
We Wrote:

Dear Liz,
I don't decorate just for the money but for the true joy that my creations bring to people's hearts. Bless your heart. I realize the pleasure that you have derived from the tree and decorations this year and appreciate your comments more than you can know. I especially love that your friends in Palm Coast admired the tree that  brings out the meaning of "your home is your castle".  God Bless you, and God bless all of your family and friends, especially those that I had the pleasure of meeting in Palm Coast, Florida this year. 

Let's see what we can do in 2011 to make the tree even more spectacular. More peacock feathers you say! Sounds like a good idea to me. Love it.
(Coco Chanel, that is really such an unbelievably beautiful compliment! Hear that Diane, you started it.)

Love you too.

Holiday Centerpiece by Diane Sperow
Here (picture shown on the right) is a sample of Diane's own creativity, her dining table holiday centerpiece. (Click picture to enlarge).
WOW! There aren't enough words that can describe the thought, love, and detail that went into both the tree and wreath. I knew it was going to be beautiful, but you by far made it so special. I can't believe just how beautiful they both are. Steve was absolutely surprised, and just to see the look on his face, he was just speechless. We were both just overwhelmed with so much emotion.

It arrived this morning. And your packing was incredible. The only way it could have been damaged is if it was run over. 

We are so greatful, and thankful. You are so special, and I have a new friendship that I will value for life.

Now I can show Steve your website. He about had tears in his eyes. It meant so much to the both of us. Your talent is incredible. That would actually cause me stress it's so detailed. I'm still just speechless. Ryan I know is smiling above.

I've told Steve all about my new friend. Now he understands the emails.
A whole bunch of love from the entire family. It's on top of the fireplace, where my first flower arrangement was. It's safe.

Much love 
Laura, Steve, and pups.


Laura from Delaware, ordered a 3ft Royal Nautical Christmas Tree to honor her family and especially her late son, who passed away as a young teen, unexpectedly. The family had not really celebrated any holidays lately and had not been motivated to decorate. Her son Ryan had always been the artistic star of the family. With his spark gone it just was not the same. Laura took a leap of faith in ordering this Christmas Tree this year. Lo and behold she was not to be disappointed. It was also a surprise for her husband Steve.

Ryan  loved the seaside and beach in general. He was also very involved in helping his community through volunteer work and was a good student and leader at school. The theme of the tree seems to match his personality.
She Wrote:
We Wrote:
I am always relieved when each tree is delivered safe and sound, whole, in one piece and out of trouble!
Lord knows it is a long trek in the back of a truck across the country. When it arrives and you open it up and your eyes brighten and your heart is happy, the anxiety fades away, that's the biggest compliment. To top it off, I have made a new friend, which is in itself a real treasure. So we both have something to remember Christmas 2011.

Thanks Laura.

Love always,


Here's the Royal Nautical Wreath below........It really was made just for yoooooooooo. 
Merry Christmas!

This Custom ordered 6ft Royal HolyLand Christmas Tree has found a home in Culver, Oregon.
The Client Wrote:
Hi Susanne:
The wreath and the tree are unpacked. They are both beautiful!  I set the tree up last night and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much I so appreciate your artistic flair.
However, not all the ornaments arrived in perfect condition.  FAITH and HOPE and two smaller bronze balls were in pieces.  Can I get replacements?
Thank you so much and I know that we will enjoy the tree as well as the wreath for years to come.
Shirley Krause
We Wrote:
Dear Ms. Krause,
I am sorry to learn that any   ornaments suffered. I have some different word ornaments now than the faith and hope you have on the tree. Those are no longer available for me to purchase. The new ones are nice as well. They are words without the engraved scenery but still have the same effect. I will also send you some more ornaments. 
Solution to problem:We will not file any claim with Fedex since the damage is not significant. We sent  replacement ornaments plus additional ornaments to satisfy the client.

This 9ft Nautical Theme Garland was custom designed to compliment the nautical Tree and Wreath shown above, which Laura had purchased last year. The three will adorn her new seaside residence this year.  
Laura Wrote:
I can't begin to tell you how beautiful this is Suzanne. I just finally opened at 1010pm. Now I have I have these decorations you have made with the gift and talent God gave you, to look at each and everyday. Your love, and the love I know Ryan has from above, just made me realize how very lucky I am to have a special friend from a distance, and who has made such a huge difference in our lives. I can't wait to show our new neighbor. .............

If it wasn't for you, we still no doubt believe we could ever celebrate the holidays. It truly made me cry and Steve too. It was almost as when I opened the box, I felt you jump out and give me the biggest hug ever, handing me the garland. Just before I opened the box I was standing outside and saw the most beautiful shooting star just zipping through the sky. Im truly just overwhelmed .
My response:

Again it's my pleasure. It is God's gift that comes through me. I am so honored and blessed to serve you. Merry Christmas when it comes. Happy Holidays. Love always. Thanks again for your business and friendship.

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