Town in the Swiss Alps
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Miniature Towns and Villages
We will custom make your village or town to your specifications. Choose a country, era, culture, etc. and let us know what you need the village to represent. If you have special occasion that the village or town is being designed for we would need to know that as well. People have used these villages and towns to surround wedding cakes and Christmas Trees for example. The price will depend on the availability and pricing of each piece that is necessary to create the entire themed village or town. Please inquire to see what we can do for you.
Village with a railroad running through it
Ancient Village
Ancient Village
Winter Village Table top
Nativity Scene
Christmas Village Tree
Farm town with railroad passing through it
Section of an ancient town
Section of an ancient town
Snow covered town
Nativity scene centerpiece on a twig wreath base
Mountainside village built into an artificial  Christmas Tree

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